Monday, July 31, 2006

Brindisian Rhapsody

(as sung by Enrico Basilica and Perdita X. Nitt)

by Weird Alice Lancrevic

Is this the real Disc?
Is this just Sourcery?
Caught in the Shades, I've
No escape 'cept through Cockbill Street
Ankh-Morpork clods, look up to the Gods and see...
I'm just a poor mime, scorpion pit for me
'cause I'm pale of face, white as snow
Gestures? - aye. Speeches? - no!
Any way the words go
Doesn't really matter to me, to me
To me...

Carcer...just killed a man
Put a crossbow 'gainst his head
Cocked the trigger, now he's dead him on the run
Through Time itself, Lu-Tze will show the way
Sybil, oooh, didn't mean to make you cry
If I'm not back by six p.m. tomorrow
Carry on, carry on
It's "Where's My Cow?" that matters.

"Goodbye, oook and 'hippo!' - I've got to go
"Gonna run like blazes, right out of my shoes
"Wizards, ooh
"I don't wanna die
"I sometimes wish I had a nice boring job..."

I see a little scorpion pit-o full of mimes
Scare a mime, scare a mime, Vetinari's fandango
Thunder barked to Lightning,
"Herding sheep's exciting, whee!"
Clever Leonard (clever Leonard)
Clever Leonard (clever Leonard)
Clever Leonard's brain is so
Terrific, ohhh!

I'm just a poor mime, no tyrant loves me
"He's just a poor mime from a street-theatre free
"Spare Lancre Blue from the Ramtops for tea!"
Easy come, easy go - Gaspode says it's so
Patrician! No - he will not let you go (let him go!)
Patrician! He will not let you go (let him go!)
Patrician! He will not let you go (let me go!)
Will not let you go (let me go!)
Never let you go (let me go!)
Ooh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no -
Oh Captain Carrot, Captain Carrot
Captain Carrot, let me go!
I'm learning Thud
And Detritus wants a game with me,
With me, with meee...

So you think if you cut your own throat I will buy?
So you think you can force me to eat Dibbler's pie?!
Ooh, Nobby, it's Named Meat for me, Nobby
Just gotta get meat
Just gotta get meat with my beer.

Dean is really fatter, anyone can see
Dean is really fatter
Dean is really fatter than me.

...any way A'Tuin goes...

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