Saturday, September 30, 2006

Scumble of '69

with apologies to Bryan Adams

I got my first real hogshead
Bought it in a pub in Slice
Drank until my insides bled
It was the Scumble of '69
Me and some mates from Skund
Made some stills, we tried real hard
Carter's broke and Gubbin's exploded
I think he'd gone an apple too far

Oh, when I chug back now
Hangovers seem to last forever
And if it contains 'herbs'
Well, I'd drink from Grune to Ember
That's just the worst booze of my life.

Don't need Klatchian coffee
When there's Ramtop 'mountain dew'
Spend my evenings gatherin' apples
Mix in some dead sheep, too
Stumblin' from the Goat and Bush
I chundered in the Lancre River
Oh and when it floated past
I swear I saw my lungs and liver
That was the worst booze of my life.

Drinkin' the Scumble of '69
Oh yeah, drinkin' the Scumble of '69
Oh noooo...

Man, how our brain cells fried
Didn't need Assassins - we had Scumblecide
An' reannuals last forever, forever...owwww!

And now the scumble's changing
Looks like Nanny had a word with Shawn
Sometimes when I drink I stay sober
The vintage week of '69 is gone

Sneakin' into Granny's Herbs
I tell you, I was so dry-throated
Oh, the way they grabbed my legs
Who knew the sage and thyme were loaded?!
That was the worst booze of my life
Oh noooo...drinkin'the Scumble of '69
Oh dear...drinkin' the Scumble of '69
...a vintage Tuesday in '69...

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